You can support the dreams and aspirations of the next generation through the financial decisions you make today.

In a world so focused on what’s happening this second, you may not spend a lot of time thinking about the future — much less the legacy you will leave behind. However, despite our busy lives, we all want to know that our hard work and diligence will someday pay off, whether it’s by funding a child’s education, passing down the family business or leaving an inheritance for family members.

At Warren Averett, our goal is to ensure your wealth and assets are transitioned in a way that meets your goals, secures your legacy and minimizes tax challenges for the people you care for most. We know that making the right financial decisions now can have a positive impact for decades to come. By working closely with you to understand your financial risks, needs and desires, we will help you develop practical, effective strategies for:

  • Wealth transfer. Utilize trusts and tax planning services to leave an inheritance for family members while reducing expenses and risks.
  • Estate planning. Take steps to ensure your estate and all of your assets are owned and willed correctly, minimizing large tax consequences.
  • Education planning. Determine the best investment vehicle and strategy to fund your children’s or grandchildren’s education.
  • Business planning. Make the transition of your business seamless and financially beneficial for yourself and stakeholders.